The Kay Family Foundation was founded in 2005 by Steeve Kay, the patriarch of the Kay Family. Mr. Kay was raised in the city of Quanzhou located in Southeast China, grew up in Myanmar in Southeast Asia, and established himself in America in 1971. He earned a BE (Bachelor’s of Engineering) degree from Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT). In addition, he earned an MSEE degree from Stanford University and an MBA degree from Pepperdine University, both in the United States.

Steeve Kay is an inventor, entrepreneur, self-styled “theologist,” and a philanthropist. In the 1970’s he designed and invented the world’s first set of MOSFET power transistors while working as an engineer for three high-tech semiconductor companies in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area. In 1981, he co-founded QTC Management, Inc. and led the company to become America’s largest provider of technology-based “Disability Evidence Services,” serving America’s $800 billion per year disability-benefits market. Before being sold in 2005, QTC Inc. was awarded eight U.S. patents in the “Disability Evidence Development” field.


The values of Kay Family Foundation have not changed since inception in 2005, but the mission has evolved as it enters its second decade. Up until 2009, KFF responded to key initiatives within its sphere of interest. From 2009 to 2013, KFF became more proactive and widened its scope to include more international grant making, especially in Asia, as it gained confidence in its internal systems and ability to structure effective grants. The Foundation also took some calculated risks in high priority areas, with mixed results. The 2014-2015 period saw early efforts to make more of a systematic impact in the areas of integrative medicine and education in Orange County. The planning for the next three years is well advanced to focus on collective impact, measurement and eventually philanthropic leadership in niche areas of educational excellence in Orange County.

KFF is building on a strong foundation established through collective impact and collaboration driven coalitions in Orange County such as the OC STEM Initiative. Most recently, through the Foundation’s work with Innovators OC and the California Charter Schools Association, a new entity called “excellent Schools OC” (eSOC) has been established to support the growth and development of new, independent charter schools that will serve low-income learners in Orange County.

The 10-year anniversary of the Foundation will be recognized in 2016 with a summary of achievements to date, lessons learned, and a renewed focus on results and effective impact.