Rather than accepting proposals, Kay Family Foundation Board and Staff actively identifying organizations to partner with in fulfilling our mission. We also believe in the philosophy of collective impact: working with grantees and partner organizations, we strive to leverage investment dollars for the highest return of impact while maintaining the utmost quality.

Our grantees and strategic partners are at the core of our work. At Kay Family Foundation, we believe in taking a very hands-on, engaging approach with our grantees. We work with and advise our grantees on a specific project from start to finish – identifying the area of focus, defining the idea and concept, interpreting the proposed development, pinpointing partners, and investing to see impact.

We believe in maintaining a clear line of communication and gathering feedback from our grantees throughout each phase of a project. We take a unique approach to seeking feedback – through site visits and ongoing dialogue between our Board, staff, and grantees. For us as a foundation, feedback allows us to listen effectively, understand the outcomes, recalibrate if needed, and track performance. Ultimately, this engagement serves as a tool for continued learning that we integrate into each grantee project.