Steeve Kay’s Journey


Steeve Kay has an extra “e” in his first name, and the spelling is as unique as the 69-year-old inventor, businessman and philanthropist himself.

He likes it that way, though it wasn’t originally intentional.

You see, 42 years ago, Kay, a child of two wars – first in China and then in Burma (Myanmar) – was ready to leave. He arrived at an immigration station in the U.S.


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$5 million gift from Kay Family Foundation supports planned Center for the Arts

The Kay Family Foundation (KFF), based in Orange County, Calif., has announced a $5 million gift to Chapman University, which includes $4 million for the university’s planned 1,100-seat Center for the Arts.  The gift is designed to transform the proposed $64 million Center for the Arts into a technology-enabled and globalized-program arts center, the first of its kind in the nation.  The other $1 million will be designated for other campus purposes still to be determined.

“The Kay Family Foundation’s gift will enable our students and faculty to collaborate, physically and electronically, with fellow students and colleagues across the world…”

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Steeve Kay Commits an additional $500,000 to support the Kay Center for E-Health Research

Philanthropist and health systems visionary Steeve Kay has committed, through the Kay Family Foundation, an additional $500,000 to Claremont Graduate University’s successful Kay Center for E-Health Research. The new funding is effective July 1, 2009 and covers a two-year period, during which time Kay Center researchers are expected to accelerate and broaden their portfolio of health and disability systems research.

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